09 Jul Brittany & Daryl’s Yosemite Wedding at the Ahwahnee Hotel

Brittany and Daryl had their amazing wedding in the heart of Yosemite at the Ahwahnee Hotel. I got a call just a couple months back from Brittany, explaining that she and her fiance were moving to Belgium this summer and wanted to get married before they left. They chose to get married in the Yosemite Valley because that is where they went every year since she was a child, and both she and Daryl still love going there. They set up their wedding so that they could invite their closest family and friends and have a multiple day celebration. They were staying and celebrating at the Housekeeping camp. At one point we took a group picture with just the people staying at that camp, and it became quickly apparent that they were having a party all week leading up to the wedding.

When we started working everyone was in a great mood, and that feeling spread throughout the wedding. From start to finish there were a ton of laughs and some tears of joy.

Towards the end of the wedding Brittany’s sister set up “Just Married” signs with tin cans on two bicycles. They were for display only. The only problem was no one told Brittany. She jumped on and rode the bike away with her husband. When we caught up to her we set them up for a photo. Thats when we heard some knocking coming from the restaurant window. A gentlemen held up a sign saying “25th Wedding Anniversary”. We all thought that was great and set them up to take a photo side by side. I gave the couple my card, and got a great email from Carole, the beautiful bride. Saying that it was a blessing to see the couple outside her window just as they got the message on a plate from the restaurant.

This was a great wedding and I am happy that we were able to be a part of it.