Q. Where are you located?
A. We are located in Truckee.


Q. Where will you travel to?
A. We will travel where ever you decide to have your wedding. We will not charge a travel fee for most of North and Central California and Nevada.


Q. How long have you been doing Weddings?
A. We have shot weddings for 4 years now.


Q. Whats the difference between a 2nd photographer and assistant.
A. I believe in providing two professional photographers for every wedding. We work well together and know what shots to get. As opposed to an assistant that would follow me around and assist me with my daily tasks.


Q. Why do you shoot weddings?
A. I love working with people on such a fun day. Weddings offer a unique challenge, in there are so many moments that are fleeting and wont ever happen again. Doing a wedding allows us to be creative, capture raw emotions, and document a significant day in your life.


Q. Why is Lake Tahoe a good spot for a wedding?
A. Lake Tahoe has so many different options for a wedding. There are dramatically different seasons. So what ever you desire you can find here. There are laid back beach weddings, high end resort and private estate weddings, great night life for after the big day, warm weather and clear blue skies in the summer, the beautiful blanket of snow that the winter offers, and the fall colors are amazing.


Q. Why should we hire you?
A. The people that hire us do so for 2 reasons. 1 they love our style; our bright and clean colors, our artistic ability, and great composition. 2. They enjoy our personalities and demeanor. We have a very easy going approach, as i tell all of my clients, I work for you on your wedding day, I will give you my opinions, but defer to you if you would like to do something different. We take the timeline and work within what you have planned. We will take charge when needed, for most of the day we will be off to the side letting things unfold and capturing them as it happened.