Lake Tahoe Wedding Photography Hire a Local Photographer

03 Jan 2014, Posted by Jon Menezes in Lake Tahoe, Weddings

Lake Tahoe Wedding Photography & Why You Should Hire a Local Photographer

I’ll be happy to point out the obvious, I am a Wedding Photographer located at Lake Tahoe. It can be seen as completely self serving to write this post. Yes, if you take my advice I do fall on the right side of the divide, but I am writing this post for you to understand the beauty of lake tahoe, and the challenges of capturing it, which is why you should hire someone local to the area, even if it isn’t us.

The reason people come here to get married, is also the reason it is so difficult to get great images here. Lake Tahoe is one of the highest and largest alpine lakes in north america, which provides view that are unmatched, and that people from all corners of the globe come to see. When people get married here, they want that beautiful, rich blue lake, and mountain peaks in the background. They want great pictures of themselves and their families in the rutic surroundings. These are also reason I love to take pictures in Tahoe. You will get photos that have something that just about every other wedding will lack.

That same reason people get married here is the reason it is so difficult. Working at such a high altitude means we are working with far much atmosphere protecting us from the sun (Anyone that has enjoyed the beaches here in the summer, just to get the worst sunburn of their lives can understand that). That creates harsh light, which with photography creates difficulties not seen down near sea level. You get a greater contrast between the areas the sun hits, and the areas it misses and creates shadows, this can create blown out areas, or completely black areas if not shot properly. In addition to the light being less diffused, you have that beautiful lake in the background, which often sits below the sun, and turns into a mirror, creating 2 bright sources of light, amplifying the issue even further. Finally Lake Tahoe has very different characteristics depending on what part of the lake you will be getting married, each giving their own advantages and disadvantages.

What does this mean for photography on your wedding day? It means if you hire someone that isn’t experienced with these issues, you will likely end up with pictures of you lit decently, and the background being completely white because it is so easy to overexpose. That eliminates the entire reason you wanted to get married here. The opposite may happen as well, the background may be exposed correctly, with you as a black silhouette. This certainly isn’t what you envisioned for all of your wedding pictures.

Hiring someone that does work here locally, and can show you that they have the ability to produce the images you like, while still getting beautiful lake tahoe in the background will ensure you get what you dreamed of. There are a few great photographers that live right here that know all corners of the lake, and can give you what you are looking for. We each have our own style, but knowing most of them we are all nice to work with.

In closing, Lake Tahoe is absolutely amazing and a great place to get married, be sure you hire an equally amazing photographer that will capture your day as it should, that way you will have pictures that show just how beautiful you and your wedding was.