Lake Tahoe Weddings are our first and foremost priority as Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographers. We are fortunate enough to be local to the lake and enjoy everything it has to offer year around. As the owner of Jon M Photography my true passion in life is photography and weddings. I am always thinking and working to expand our abilities and what we offer our clients. Over the years we have shot Lake Tahoe Weddings at a lot of amazing locations around the area. Both throughout Tahoe and the Truckee Area. My favorite parts of taking pictures at a Lake Tahoe Wedding are the clients that travel here for their dream wedding, and the surroundings of the day that provide photo opportunities you just cant find anywhere else.

If you are a bride considering having Lake Tahoe Wedding you are on the right track. We are one of the most popular areas in the country for destination weddings, and for good reason. No matter what kind of person you are, beach, mountain, snow or lake, Tahoe has it all. We have amazing weather through the summer months and in the winter months the mountains are blanketed with stunning white snow.

Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographers

In addition to having the perfect setting for all types of weddings. Lake Tahoe has some of the most artistic professionals around. Because the wedding industry is so large up here we have attracted some of the most talented wedding professionals you will find anywhere. I have compiled a list of some of my favorite local vendors for my brides to use. These professionals are both great at what they do and really easy to get along with. I enjoy having a fun time at weddings, and the people I have included in the list are the same.


In addition to finding other wedding professionals, search through our site to see our portfoliio. Our wedding photography blog has posts about our weddings, photography, lake tahoe, and us Award Winning Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographers.
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We write a lot of posts about photography, weddings, and lake tahoe because we are lake tahoe wedding photograpehrs. Below you will find blog posts that are relevant to Lake Tahoe Weddings. We are Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographers so our posts will likely be about how to improve your photos, or how we got these photos. Anything we think that you may want to learn in advance to Lake Tahoe Wedding. If you are getting married somewhere amazing around the world we will be equally excited to hear about that. I love to go to new places, it is always fun and helps expand our abilities as Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographers.

These are our most recent 5 blog posts that have some relevance to Lake Tahoe Weddings. You can find more blog posts about Lake Tahoe Weddings and other topics that you may be interested in. If you have seen enough and would like to contact us to shoot your Lake Tahoe Weddings please click the Book Us button at the top right corner of the page. We would love to hear more about your big day!