07 Aug West Shore Cafe Wedding with Chrissy & Mark

Absolutely STUNNING… is the perfect way to describe everything about this amazing wedding and the wonderful people that made it great.

From the beginning of the day everyone was in a great celebratory mood, all set to the perfect backdrop. The West Shore Cafe at Lake Tahoe is where the bridal party got ready. When I arrived Chrissy was in the Mount Watson Suite with 10 of her best friends getting ready. They were all having a great time, getting ready, and drinking champaign. The guys were just across the hall in the McKinney Bay Suite hanging out, and keeping things very relaxed. After everyone got ready we did a first look out on the lawn south of the West Shore Cafe. We then headed about 6 houses down where the family owned a beautiful lake front home which was completely done up for the wedding. Complete with new landscaping and a custom platform that was built at the waters edge just for this great day. Following the ceremony we all headed back to the West Shore Cafe to have the reception on the south lawn. It was there that everyone started to let loose and the laughter and smiles were everywhere. The day was filled with activities from start to finish, and the bride and groom wanted to spend as much time with their family and friends as possible. So when there was a small break we quickly went inside and on the beaches of the West Shore Cafe to snap some gorgeous photos of the newly weds, which are some of my all time favorite photos! Following that the party went late into the night.

It was a treat for us to be a part of this great wedding. A special thanks goes out to Kerry Hawk with Blue Sky Events and Darren Baca with Reel Eyes Media. Without Kerry there would have been no way such an action packed day would have went off without a hitch. The entire week prior to the wedding we were exchanging emails to make sure we could fit everything in and keep it as easy on the couple as possible. Having worked with Darren before I know how beautiful his wedding video will be. He shot along side us all day, we collaborated on shots and I know by how well ours turned out that his will be equally amazing. When the video is ready we will post it for you to see.

Chrissy & Mark’s Lake Tahoe Engagement Photos.