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We photograph lake tahoe weddings with a photojournalistic approach that include capturing real moments in ways that are flattering and artistic.

We spend a majority of the day photographing you and your guests having a great time.

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Fine Art
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Inspired by the pages of magazines such as Vogue, GQ and Vanity Fair, I aim to make your Lake Tahoe wedding photos feel as if they belong amongst them.

I work with my clients to get fashion style portraits with a natural feel by bringing out their personalities. Doing so set to the gorgeous back drop Lake Tahoe, and other great destination areas offer allow me to give both high fashion photos along with fine art portraits.

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We are flattered to have nothing but 5 star reviews from our clients,
we work very hard to create images that will be loved for eternity.


We have standard packages that fit everyones needs, and we
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More About Jon M Photography

We primarily focus on Lake Tahoe Weddings and weddings throughout Northern California. With that said we will happily travel to your wedding anywhere around the world. Our Mission is to give you pictures that you wont find anywhere else. In a time ruled by the influx of “natural light” photography. We are focused on creating amazing pictures at your Lake Tahoe Weddings through using both natural light and Studio Strobes. In doing both of these types of photography we are offing you even more variety. Personally speaking as lake tahoe wedding photographers, our favorite portraits are those dramatic sunset shot with our strobes used to make you stand out from the background. In addition to using our flashes in such a powerful way at lake tahoe weddings, we like to lighten it up and use it as a soft fill light for those natural shots. That way you have perfect and subtle light on your face that doesnt distract from the photo as a whole. When it comes time for your emotional and candid photos we are always on alert. Always looking for those special moments that just happen for a second of time. Not only do we want to capture those expressions and moments as they happen, but as Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographers we understand that the ultimate photo is when we can combine both your emotions and the amazing scenery around you.

We have been photographing Lake Tahoe Weddings for years. During that time we have learned the difficulties and beauty of working throughtout the lake. What i didnt know when i arrived was just how much the local Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographers knew about the different circumstances that shooting at the lake offers. First and foremost we are at 6200ft here, yes higher than the mile high city by 1000ft. That means the atmosphere is much much thinner here. In addition to making for some very quick and harsh sunburns, it also makes the light in photography much harder. Lake Tahoe Weddings that are shot by inexperienced photographers usually end up very bright and dark at the same time. The difference between the light side of a person and his shadow are even greater here than a place you will find closer to sea level. As experienced Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographers we have learned how to avoid these pitfalls by using knowledge of the sun, surrounding, and portable strobes. In looking through our portfolio our hope is that you see great photos and we make them look easy. But as any experienced Lake Tahoe wedding photographers will be able to tell you, there is a lot of technique that goes into those shots.

One of the best part of shooting Lake Tahoe Weddings are the many different locations there are here. Unlike most places Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographers have a wide variety of Wedding Venues, Private Estates, High End Resorts, and Golf Courses. Each with their own unique feel, along with the different areas around the lake having their own appeal. One of our most favorite places we have ever taken pictures is the Thunderbird Lodge on the Eastshore of the lake. They cater to high end clientele. The Thunderbird Lodge was built in the 1930’s, the owner was an eccentric millionaire (he would have been a billionaire today). The Thunderbird Lodge has a 600ft underground tunnel that is complete with a underground pool, opium den, and private boat dock at the end. When we did our photo shoot there we tried our best to take advantage of all of the photo opportunities it had. Unfortunately there arent enough hours in the day to get all of the features, so we focused on some of the main and most beautiful areas. If you are considering having your Lake Tahoe Weddings there, or at any of the other magnificent locations around the lake, such as the West Shore Cafe & Inn, Plumpjacks, Northstar and the Ritz Carlton we would love to be involved. Beautiful Lake Tahoe Weddings at places like these and other that we havent mentioned are what Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographers dream about.